About XMAX XVAPE Products

TopGreen Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading vaporizer manufacturers globally, and are the proud creators of the well-known brands XMax and XVape. They are located in Shenzen, China, with TopGreen US Corp the North American Headquarters located in Southern California.

TopGreen Technology pride themselves on offering their customers innovative products at a reasonable cost. Their goal is to make premium quality devices accessible to all consumers, and to lead the vaporization movement with products that are ergonomic, stylish, and technologically advanced.

TopGreen technologies has a direct manufacturing background, and as such, are continually revising their technology and pushing the boundaries of vaporizer design and manufacturing. They work closely with their engineering team to optimize the user experience, using premium materials, and cutting edge techniques, to produce superior and elegant devices.

TopGreen strives above all to offer their customers a fun and enjoyable shopping experience, knowing that their products have been carefully curated and that their selection appeals to a wide range of vaporizer users. TopGreen is actively engaged with the vaping community and their customer base, integrating customer feedback in the design process. They strive to keep active communities through social platforms on Facebook Groups, Instagram, and Google+.



Portable Vaporizer

XMax V3 Pro

Original price was: USD $102.99.Current price is: USD $68.95.

Portable Vaporizer


USD $98.99 USD $53.47

Dry Herb Vaporizer

XMax Starry 4

Original price was: USD $99.00.Current price is: USD $79.99.

Portable Vaporizer

XVape Vista Mini 2.0

USD $199.99 USD $79.14

Portable Vaporizer

XVape Aria

USD $79.99 USD $60.00

Portable Vaporizer

XVape Fog Pro

Original price was: USD $139.00.Current price is: USD $89.99.

Portable Vaporizer

XVape Avant

USD $59.99 USD $54.99

Portable Vaporizer

XMax Vital

USD $60.75 USD $49.99

Portable Vaporizer

XMax V-One+

Original price was: USD $44.99.Current price is: USD $33.50.
USD $129.95 USD $70.99


Original price was: USD $14.91.Current price is: USD $11.92.
Xmax Qomo 5

Top Green Reaches Out To The Vaping Community!

At any rate, when vaporizers aren’t a hit with the community it’s often because the company didn’t listen to community suggestions. When nobody else listens, the vaping community is delighted to buy Top Green vaporizers instead. With reviews and similarly, customer complaints, vaping tech companies are constantly offered the answers to a better model. Top Green makes a point to listen and actively engage with their customers via multiple live streams, forum posts, and excellent customer support. The subreddit r/XmaxVape is a great place to chat with other Xvape Xmax vape enthusiasts and also get in touch with the company directly. The company regularly has members combing through posts to help solve issues or give suggestions on how customers can maximize their vaping sessions.


XMAX/XVAPE Product Manuals

When buying your vaporizer, it’s important to be able to understand it from the minute you pick it up. Sometimes your vape can have a slight learning curve and some companies struggle to provide clear instructions if they remember them at all. XMAX & XVAPE provide in-depth directions and tips for handling and keeping their entire lineup. We’re proud to present a collection of their manuals for those extra curious shoppers looking to learn the ins and outs of the device straight from the source. This is also useful for those unfortunate enough to have misplaced their hard copy manual.

City Vaporizer’s XMAX XVAPE store is the largest in North America

Top Green’s vapes are beautiful, modern, and yet professional aluminum, acrylic or rubberized finished. Ergonomic shape matches your hand specifically to give sessions a much more natural feeling. While some companies struggle to perfect airflow, this lineup of vapes provides the power to provide flavorful clouds with ease. 

Top Green’s herbal vaporizers  feel like more of an extension of yourself rather than an awkward device you’re tinkering around with. Every vape also has balanced airflow to create a balance between cloud density and herb flavor. If you’re somebody who likes your vapor to be the smoothest and most clean, check out our XMAX V3 Pro– it is our best seller and most popular product. 


XMAX daboo

I bought the XMAX V3 Pro and overall I’m VERY impressed. Very good price for the clouds you get. Doesn’t leave a weird chemically taste. It handles really well and isn’t awkward in my coat pocket. Def recommend grabbing it!



My Starry is fantastic for the price point.  Happy to say it does more than that! I really love the OLED display it’s a cool way to show temperature and it’s cool how it charges up super fast when the session starts.


Melissa M.

I wanted a vape that could stand being knocked around a bit and take a fall. The V3 Pro is perfect for being so small and like a little tank. Love the sensation at a medium-high temp.  Can’t complain excellent vape under $100.  No Bluetooth required. 🙂


XMAX/XVAPE Tech Praise/Reviews

Above all, there’s obviously lots of good things that come out of Top Green as they  interact with, and listening to the community. One thing they’re very proud to present is the praise and excellent testimonies people have been putting out since 2021. The company first started manufacturing devices since  2000 in Shenzhen,Guangdong, China and have a tremendous amount of experience and quality control experience to bring you a reliable product.


How to Clean XMAX and XVAPE Products

All of these vapes are simple to maintain. Choosing to use fewer parts when crafting this device, Top Green vaporizers simplify so that cleaning doesn’t require 20 minutes. City Vaporizer always recommends you use our premium cleaning kit for that fresh-out-the-box look. The only things that are important to maintain are your mouthpiece and the heating chamber.  DO NOT TOUCH THE INNER HEATING CHAMBER FOR 10 MINUTES AFTER OR DURING A SESSION.


  1. Remove mouthpiece and soak in isopropyl alcohol(99%)
  2. Remove the mouthpiece and let rinse with water before letting dry
  3. Use the cleaning brush provided to remove residue from the inside of the ceramic heating chamber
  4. Optionally, lightly wipe down the inside of your heating chamber with an isopropyl-soaked q-tip
  5. Wipe down the rest of your device with a preferably dry cloth or wipe
  6. Remove mouthpiece and soak in isopropyl alcohol(99%)
  7. After cleaning, reassemble your device
Boundless Vaporizer Cleaning Kit