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Boundless is a powerhouse in herbal vaporizers. Since 2016 their vaporizers have left rivals scratching their heads. People who buy Boundless vaporizers find affordable consistency throughout the USA, Canada, and globally. The OG Boundless vapes, 2016’s Boundless CF and Boundless CFX, gave vapers multiple feature options with portability. 2017’s Boundless CFC and Boundless CFV, let us choose between quality hybrid and premium convection heating. City Vaporizer is proud to present Boundless vaporizers Cananda, Boundless vaporizers USA, and the entire Boundless lineup.

2018 unleashes havoc with The Boundless Tera 3 and Boundless CFC 2.0. On top of a stellar lineup, Boundless is also well known for their customer service and quality product warranty. If a company constantly updates their lineup with new stuff, that shows adaptation. When Boundless produces customer-recommended innovation, that shows modern ingenuity in sync with vapers.

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Portable Vaporizer

Boundless Tera V3

USD $159.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CFC 2.0

USD $69.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless Vexil

USD $119.99 USD $106.95

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CFX

USD $149.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CFV

USD $149.99 USD $104.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless Terp

USD $24.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless Terp Pen XL

USD $59.99 USD $54.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CF-710

USD $128.62 USD $52.96

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CF

USD $89.28

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CFC Lite

USD $52.99

Portable Vaporizer

Boundless CFC

USD $61.26


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Boundless Reaches Out To The Vaping Community!

At any rate, when vaporizers aren’t a hit with the community it’s often because the company didn’t listen to community suggestions. When nobody else listens, the vaping community is delighted to buy Boundless vaporizers instead. With reviews and similarly, customer complaints, vaping tech companies are constantly offered the answers to a better model. Boundless Technology makes a point to listen and actively engage with their customers via multiple live streams, forum posts, and excellent customer support. The subreddit r/BoundlessVapes is a great place to chat with other Boundless vape enthusiasts and also get in touch with the company directly. The company regularly has members combing through posts to help solve issues or give suggestions on how customers can maximize their vaping sessions.

City Vaporizer Wants A Boundless Vaporizer Canada!

The Boundless design reaches a standard that satisfies on every level. You’ll find a beautiful, modern, and yet professional rubberized finish. Ergonomic shape matches your hand specifically to give sessions a much more natural feeling. While some companies struggle to perfect airflow, this lineup of vapes provides the power to provide flavorful clouds with ease. The Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty are rivaled heavily by the Boundless CF and CFX. Providing options for portability and customization in a sleek device. These models provide a powerful hybrid heating system that leaves no hot or cold spots.

Despite Boundless coming up with all kinds of tailored solutions for the community, it’s easy to see some trademark similarities in each device. A nice rubberized finish on an ergonomic handle wraps every Boundless herbal vaporizer so that your device feel like more of an extension of yourself rather than an awkward device you’re tinkering around with. Every Boundless vape also has balanced airflow to create a balance between cloud density and herb flavor. If you’re somebody who likes your vapor to be the smoothest and most clean, you’ll benefit heavily from isolated air paths on most Boundless vaporizers. Overall the Boundless aesthetic is one any medical user can pick up and not feel ridiculous while holding. A subtle and professional design has left the community to expect not only the finest look but performance as well.

Only The Cool Ones Buy Boundless Vaporizers

Many devices in the Boundless lineup consist of temperature control down to the single digit. Those who buy Boundless vaporizers finish every hit with a ceramic heating chamber, flexible enough to meet the needs of every flavor chaser. Despite going against the grain in design, Boundless vapes hold large clouds through their swivel or regular mouthpiece, keeping your session regulated. For the coolest temperature, Boundless also includes a water pipe adapter or (WPA), letting vapers take their hits to the next level of filtration! Throughout a session, using a WPA or not, one of the most important features in all Boundless vapes is the lack of need for stirring. Nothing is more annoying than having to stir your herb mid-session just to get all the flavor, or even to avoid combustion. City Vaporizer is proud to carry a line of products that hold up to this standard, Boundless vaporizers USA!

Holding the Boundless CF 1
Holding the Boundless CF 2
Holding the Boundless CF 3
Holding the Boundless CF 4

I bought the CFC 2.0 and overall I’m pretty impressed. Very good price for the clouds you get. Doesn’t leave a weird chemically taste. It handles really well and isn’t awkward in my coat pocket. Def recommend grabbing it!

Stephen F.

CFX is able to get the job done for me! Happy to say it does more than that! I really love the spedometer graphic it’s a cool way to show temperature and it’s cool how it charges up super fast when the session starts.


I wanted a vape that could stand being knocked around a bit. The Tera is perfect for being so small and like a little tank. I’ve actually dropped it down the stairs lol and it’s only got a couple dents. I find using a medium-high temp. works best!

Cynthia Cole

Boundless Tech Praise/Reviews

Above all, there’s obviously lots of good things that come out of Boundless interacting with, and listening to the community. One thing they’re very proud to present is the praise and excellent testimonies people have been putting out since 2016. Their website’s dedicated media section holds tons of video reviews by big names such as Sneaky Pete and 420 Science Club, and even the huge HighRise TV YouTube channel. Believe it or not, The Huffington Post makes a point to insist that it’s readers invest in the Boundless CFX. 420 Beginner also shouts out the CFX for its hybrid heating system and great warranty.

The Boundless Vaporizer Lineup

The early days – 2016

In short, the first year Boundless touched down they presented the CF and CFX. Boundless vaporizers USA quickly gained traction and expanded rapidly until Boundless made its way to Canada and other parts of the world. As mentioned before, these unique-looking devices rival the extremely popular Mighty and Crafty from Storz and Bickel. Both models maintain an ergonomic shape with their swivel mouthpiece that rests discreetly alongside the device when not in action.OLED display can be an interesting feature for some vapes, but the CFX bolsters a speedometer design to accurately display truly powerful temperatures. This vape also includes dual compatibility with a wax/oil pod. Smooth vapor and clear flavor are yours to take home with temperature control down to the single digit on the CFX. This lineup sparked a revolution for people to buy Boundless vaporizers, often times exclusively.

Boundless CF on Table 2

Ongoing success – 2017

With success booming and an image to maintain, Boundless moved carefully and yet effectively to achieve the CFC and CFV vaporizers. Both vapes aim in totally different directions to satisfy the full spectrum of on-the-go herbal vaping. Your coat pocket transforms into the resting place of your herb vape with the CFC vaporizer. Holding an impressive 30-second heating time up to a ceramic chamber in a device this size was definitely a challenge well conquered by Boundless Vaporizers USA. Improving on the previous year’s design, Boundless produced a finely detailed exterior to impress buyers while still remaining subtle and professional. In fact, the lined pattern not only looks and feels great but also provides for some of the best grips for a vape of its size. While achieving everything it does spec-wise, having a comfortable feel is something small vapes struggle with. The CFC runs session from 140 to 446°F.

A Boundless CFV holds the familiarity of 2016’s shape, including the swivel mouthpiece, but lets users choose a more flashy red option to vape on. City Vaporizer carries the CFV Boundless Vaporizer in Canada and ships globally for boasting 30 seconds until you can vape it, with the result of premium vapor, great for those in a pinch while traveling. The convection chamber produces dense clouds for 30-40 minutes of continuous usage without a hiccup. Like the CFC, this model is highly portable and easily slides into your pocket, but differs in shape and contrasts in overall aesthetic. City Vaporizer is currently out of stock for the Boundless CFV Boundless vaporizers Canada and CFV Boundless vaporizers USA.

Holding the Boundless CFC 2

Today – 2018

This year saw Boundless improve on previous designs aggressively while maximizing the efficiency users experience in the latest release of vapes. CFC 2.0 makes adjustments to vapor quality and flavor without damaging overall cloud size. An immediately-noticeable change is made to the exterior for improving the device’s longevity. This model also sees highly inexpensive temperature control up to the single digit. No mature what temperature you want, the 2.0 update offers 390° F in 25 seconds, and 446° F in roughly 45 seconds. Chamber size holds about 0.25-0.35 grams made into a fair grind. Like all Boundless Technology products, you can expect to see an even cook throughout your flower. City Vaporizer is proud to carry Boundless vaporizers in Canada

Boundless Technology also presents the Tera 3 tank vape. To illustrate the name, the Tera 3 is the bank vault solution to all other models. Two dependable 18650 batteries come inside, providing one hour of continuous usage. They also make a point to throw in a glass mouthpiece for enhanced flavor. The Tera 3 contrasts the market by surviving quite a few accidents without quitting. Although most people stick to either herb or concentrates, those in 2018 who buy boundless vaporizers can choose to explore with the Tera 3’s wax/oil pod. Despite the weight and durable shell, The Tera 3 vaporizer is still a great on-the-go size to throw in your backpack. City Vaporizer looks forward to what Boundless vaporizers Canada, Boundless vaporizers USA, and Boundless vaporizers globally can and will achieve!

Boundless CFC 2.0 with Packaging

Boundless Product Manuals

When buying your vaporizer, it’s important to be able to understand it from the minute you pick it up. Sometimes your vape can have a slight learning curve and some companies struggle to provide clear instructions if they remember them at all. Boundless provides in-depth directions and tips for handling and keeping their entire lineup. We’re proud to present a collection of their manuals for those extra curious shoppers looking to learn the ins and outs of the device straight from the source. This is also useful for those unfortunate enough to have misplaced their hard copy manual.

How to Clean Boundless Products

All of these vapes are simple to maintain. Choosing to use fewer parts when crafting this device, Boundless vaporizers simplify so that cleaning doesn’t require 20 minutes. Boundless vaporizers Canada, Boundless vaporizers USA, and globally, provide basic cleaning equipment, however, no matter how simple or complex of a vape you own, City Vaporizer always recommends you use our premium cleaning kit for that fresh-out-the-box look. The only things that are important to maintain are your mouthpiece and the ceramic heating chamber. If you misplace your Boundless CF or CFX mouthpieces, don’t hesitate to pick one up at a steal on the City Vaporizer website. DO NOT TOUCH THE INNER HEATING CHAMBER FOR 10 MINUTES AFTER OR DURING A SESSION.

  1. Remove mouthpiece and soak in isopropyl alcohol(99%)
  2. Remove the mouthpiece and let rinse with water before letting dry
  3. Use the cleaning brush provided to remove residue from the inside of the ceramic heating chamber
  4. Optionally, lightly wipe down the inside of your heating chamber with an isopropyl-soaked q-tip
  5. Wipe down the rest of your device with a preferably dry cloth or wipe
  6. Remove mouthpiece and soak in isopropyl alcohol(99%)
  7. After cleaning, reassemble your device
Boundless Vaporizer Cleaning Kit

Boundless Technology Warranty and Customer Support

If there’s anything that gives peace of mind to a customer, it’s knowing that if anything happens, Boundless has your back. Warranty policy for Boundless includes 3 years on all aspects of their devices except for batteries where they provide 9 days for an exchange or repair. You may only repair or exchange products through the Boundless Technology warranty. For more information, please don’t hesitate to visit the Boundless Technology warranty page. For reference on how Boundless handles customer questions and concerns, City Vaporizer proudly refers to the BoundlessVapes subreddit as a prime example of client communication excellence. Transparency is key in herbal vaping technology and it seems like Boundless lives by this. City Vaporizer is proud to say that those who buy Boundless vaporizers experience the premium piece of mind this amazing brand provides.