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The Arizer ArGo is extremely portable

Why Buy Arizer? City Vaporizer Arizer Review

Arizer represents Canadian-made quality to the fullest. An Arizer vaporizer such as the Air, ArGo, Extreme, Q, and Solo will elate any level of cannabis-enthusiast. City vaporizer offers the amazing Arizer vaporizer for the best price, as well as our Arizer review.

Arizer is a leader within the vaporizer industry due to their consistent upgrades to design and sourcing high-quality parts. Not to mention, the vapor from an Arizer is supremely flavourful. This is due to the borosillicate glass stems used in Arizer vaporizers.

Many who purchased the original Arizer Air back in 2015 still have it in their collection. A couple of staff here at City Vaporizer are still using their original Arizer Air models as a daily device and have been doing so for two or three years.

Arizer is going strong in 2018, the Arizer Solo 2 was named in the High Times Magazine “Top 10 Portable Vaporizers” in the past year. In addition, Arizer has responded to the latest consumer trends very well. Arizer offers micro-USB charging (on most models), a carry case, and replaceable batteries on the latest models such as the Arizer Argo and Arizer Air 2 .

What Is An Arizer?

An Arizer vaporizer is one of the premier brands in the vaporizer industry. Reviews for Arizer have always been positive from consumers. An Arizer vaporizer usually sits at the mid-range in terms of price, but the performance of Arizer is superior to many vaporizers that sit at much highers prices.

Additionally, an Arizer vaporizer also makes a great aromatherapy device. Using the included attachment on the Arizer Air/Air 2, Arizer Extreme Q, and Arizer Solo 2, has become a great option for many consumers after a vape session. There are a lot of different aromatherapy herbs that can be used and many have significant relaxation and anti-anxiety benefits.

Arizer Reviews Below:


Arizer Air Review From City Vaporizer

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Arizer ArGo Review From City Vaporizer

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Arizer Extreme Q Review From City Vaporizer

Buy Arizer Extreme Q at City Vaporizer Here

Arizer Solo 2 Review From City Vaporizer

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Arizer Air 2 Review From City Vaporizer

Buy Arizer Air 2 At City Vaporizer Herearizer


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We also stock Arizer spare parts and accessories, should you need them.

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Arizer Screens:

Arizer Borosillicate Glass Stem


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