New Peak Pro vs Peak Pro: A Full Comparison

The vaping community is abuzz with excitement as Puffco introduces the New Peak Pro, a considerable upgrade to their well-loved Peak Pro vaporizer. With enhanced features and promising advancements, the New Peak Pro has vapers eager to explore its capabilities. We will go into the intricacies of the New Peak Pro vs Peak Pro, guiding you to make an informed decision based on your vaping preferences.


New Peak Pro vs Peak Pro

Embracing the NEW PEAK PRO Vaporizer

For vapers who crave innovation, the new Peak Pro vaporizer delivers on multiple fronts. Whether you’re aiming for voluminous clouds or intense flavor, the new Peak Pro offers a tailored journey in a spectacular, up-to-date device.


New Peak Pro Puffco Peak Pro Pearl

The new Peak Pro vaporizer by Puffco is a testament to innovation in vaping technology. Boasting improvements across multiple fronts, this vaporizer promises a vaping experience like no other. With its sleek design and cutting-edge features, the new Peak Pro appeals to vaping enthusiasts seeking a blend of style and functionality.

Is Newer Better?

In this case, yes! Puffco has fully redesigned the OG Peak Pro into an all new vaporizer. It has a higher and more premium performance, as it includes the optimized 3D chamber. It’s a culmination of user-wanted features with better materials (such as heavier glass) with a design with more personality. As modern dab and vaporization technology reaches bigger heights, it certainly reflects in device performance.

The Main Differences

The New Peak Pro mainly differs from earlier editions as it includes the 3D chamber and comes with a joystick carb cap. Glass bubbler has been changed to optimize better airflow with more holes and vortex percolator.

The design has been tweaked as well to feature more of a wavy matte look. The Pearl White Peak Pro has a translucent base making the LED lighting more distinct, unlike the Black color which is opaque. All other functionality is nearly identical.


Staying True to the PEAK PRO Vaporizer

The Peak Pro vaporizer maintains its reputation as a reliable and user-friendly choice. The Peak Pro provides a consistent and satisfying experience. The ease of use with its proven track record, makes it an appealing option for those who prioritize reliability.

Puffco Peak Pro

Already established as a reliable vaping device, the Peak Pro vaporizer has garnered a loyal following. Known for its consistent performance and user-friendly design, the Peak Pro has been a trusted companion for vapers of all levels. Its reputation for delivering satisfying hits and smooth vapor production has solidified its position in the vaping community.

Puffco Peak Pro Price

If having the newest model is not a huge factor for you and budget is more important, consider the OG Peak Pro. This is still a solid dab rig that continues to excel to this day.

It’s at a lower price point compared to the newer Pro now. The Puffco Peak Pro costs $400 originally on Puffco’s website but is now unlisted. This may be better as an entry point for the Puffco dab experience. If you’re not a total brand loyalist and want to get a premium dab hit, it’s worth trying out.

No Longer Available

Puffco no longer offers the original Peak Pro for sale in their store as it has been replaced by the New Peak Pro. What this means for continued manufacturing, future app support, or improved accessories tailored specifically for the OG Peak Pro remains unclear.


Quick Breakdown of All Differences

New Peak Pro (2023) Peak Pro (202)
Comes with Joy Stick Carb Cap Comes with Oculus Carb Cap
Comes with 3D Chamber 3D Chamber Sold Separately
Heavier Glass (95g) Lighter Glass (80g)
High Quality Bubbler with 5 Airholes with grooved percolator Standard Straight Bubbler with 2 Airholes
Wavy Matte Finish with Textured Design Simple No Nonsense Design
Available in Onyx and Pearl White Available in single color (not counting limited editions)
New Peak Pro Costs $420 Peak Pro Costs $400
Does not come with AC Adapter, just USB C Cable Includes AC Adapter and USB C Cable


Cross Compatible Accessories (wireless charging power dock, glass mouthpiece)
Similar Design, Feel, and Size
Single Power Button Temperature Control
High Performace Luxary Dab Rigs
Excellent Vapor Quality
Bluetooth App Support (Android/Apple)
High Customization Options
Battery Life (~30 Cycles)
USB C Charging and Wireless Options


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the New Peak Pro vaporizer suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely, the new Peak Pro’s user-friendly interface and wide temperature range cater to both novice and experienced vapers. Choose from either the one button control system or app to get a session going easily. You’ll understand how to get the most out of your device after the learning curve in a few sessions and trying out different settings.

  • Can I use my existing glass attachments with the New Peak Pro vaporizer?

Yes, Puffco’s commitment to compatibility means that your current Peak Pro Glass Mouthpiece can be used with the New Peak Pro vaporizer. This is a great plus if you already own the Peak Pro and are looking to upgrade.

  • How Do I Clean the New Peak Pro Vaporizer?

Clean that chamber after using it! Use iso alcohol and cotton swaps to gently clean the inner ceramic chamber. You’ll be thanking yourself when you can start your session with a fresh chamber. Leaving old residue caked on will result in awful aftertaste, inferior draw, and may damage the chamber in the long run.

For unusable resin that solidified in the chamber, you can clean it easily by running a low temperature setting and wiping it clean.


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Puffco New Peak Pro

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