The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Beginners: Top 5 Picks of 2024

Vaping dry herbs has gained traction as the popular alternative to combustion, and with popularity, competition is sure to follow. On top of that, investing in a desktop vaporizer as your first device is concerning for the average consumer, so finding a portable vaporizer is ideal. For beginners, finding the right vaporizer can be overwhelming, especially when there are endless features and variations between any two devices. To help make an informed choice, I’ve compiled a list of the top five dry herb vaporizers that are perfect for those new to vaping, or even if you’re interested in finding the most user-friendly or best dry herb vaporizer for beginners.


1. Pax Mini

Price ($)



  • Compact and Portable
  • Simple Interface
  • High-Quality Build

PAX Mini Angle Black

The Pax Mini is perfect for a beginner vape, and those seeking a compact and user-friendly device. Its sleek and simple design and simple interface make it ideal for on-the-go vaping, though its smaller battery and heating chamber may require more frequent charging. Pax is renowned for its high-quality build and aesthetics, and the Mini is no exception.

Despite its portability and ease of use, the Pax Mini comes with some limitations. The limited battery life means you might need to charge it more often, which could be inconvenient for heavy users. Additionally, it’s priced slightly higher than other entry-level vaporizers, which might be a consideration as a budget unit and a complete beginner device when looking for a convenient option.



Compact and Portable

The Pax Mini is designed to fit easily in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Its small size ensures it remains discreet and easy to carry, appealing to users who need a vaporizer they can take anywhere without hassle.

Simple Interface

With just a single button, the Pax Mini is incredibly easy to use, making it ideal for beginners. The intuitive design means you can start vaping quickly without needing to navigate complex settings or controls.

High-Quality Build

Pax products are known for their durability and sleek, modern design. The Pax Mini maintains this standard, offering a sturdy build that feels premium and is built to last, ensuring you get long-term value from your purchase.



Limited Battery Life

Due to its compact size, the Pax Mini has a smaller battery, which means it needs to be charged more frequently. This might be inconvenient for heavy users who require a vaporizer that can last through multiple sessions without needing a recharge.

Higher Price Point

Although it’s an entry-level model, the Pax Mini is priced higher than some other beginner vaporizers. This could be a consideration for those who are budget-conscious or unsure about investing a significant amount in their first vaporizer.


2. Pax Plus

Price ($)



  • Versatile Usage
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Smart Features

PAX Plus Periwinkle

The Pax Plus offers versatility with the ability to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates. With a long battery life and smart features, it’s a great choice for those who want a high-tech vaping experience, albeit with a higher price and a slight learning curve. The device’s sleek design and advanced temperature controls ensure a tailored vaping experience and the superior choice for temperature flexibility when comparing the Pax Mini and Pax Plus.

However, the Pax Plus might be overwhelming for some beginners due to its numerous features. The app connectivity and customizable settings require a bit of time to master. Moreover, it’s one of the pricier options on the market, which might be a deterrent for those just starting.



Versatile Usage

The Pax Plus is designed for use with both dry herbs and concentrates, offering flexibility for users who want to explore different types of vaping materials while enjoying all the customization options Pax has to offer. This dual capability means you won’t need to purchase separate devices for each material.

Long Battery Life

The Pax Plus boasts an extended battery life, allowing for longer sessions and less frequent charging. This makes it convenient for users who need a reliable dry herb vape for all-day use without worrying about battery depletion.

Smart Features

Equipped with app connectivity, the Pax Plus offers customizable temp settings and other advanced features. These smart functions enhance the user experience by providing greater control over your vaping sessions and the ability to tailor the device to your preferences.



Learning Curve

The additional features and app connectivity can be overwhelming for beginners. It might take some time to fully understand and utilize all the capabilities, which could be a barrier for those looking for a straightforward, plug-and-play experience.


As one of the more advanced models, the Pax Plus comes with a higher price tag. While it offers great features, the cost might be a deterrent for new users who are just starting and looking for a more affordable option.


3. XMAX V3 Pro

Price ($)



  • Straightforward Operation
  • Portable and Durable Design
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable

XMAX V3 Pro Side 2

The Xmax V3 Pro is a versatile and affordable dry herb vaporizer known for its ease of use and customizable temperature settings. Its ceramic chamber ensures even heating for efficient vaporization, though some users may find the vapor quality slightly lacking compared to premium models. However, its portability and user-friendly design make it a suitable choice for beginners looking to explore the world of vaping without a significant investment.



Straightforward Operation

The XMAX V3 Pro is designed for ease of use, making it accessible for beginners. It features simple controls that allow users to start vaping quickly without the complexity of extensive settings.

Portable Design

With its compact size, the XMAX V3 Pro is highly portable, fitting comfortably in pockets or bags. This makes it convenient for on-the-go vaping sessions.

Affordable Price

Offering good value for money, the XMAX V3 Pro is priced competitively among entry-level vaporizers. It provides a cost-effective way for beginners to explore dry herb vaping.



Limited Temperature Control

The XMAX V3 Pro lacks precise temperature settings, limiting the ability to tailor the vaping experience to specific preferences. This may not satisfy users who prefer more control over their vaporization.

Vapor Quality

While adequate for beginners, the vapor quality of the XMAX V3 Pro may not match that of higher-end vaporizers with advanced heating technologies. Users seeking top-tier vapor flavor and smoothness might find it lacking.


4. Storz & Bickel Mighty+

Price ($)



  • Exceptional Heating Element Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Long-Lasting Battery

Storz and Bickel Mighty+ Plus

The Storz & Bickel Mighty+ is known for its exceptional performance and easy operation. While it’s bulkier and more expensive, its consistent vapor quality and long battery life make it a top-tier choice for serious beginners. The digital display and straightforward controls make it a simple convection vaporizer to use right out of the box.

Its larger size makes it a less portable vape compared to other devices, which might be a consideration for those who need a more travel-friendly option. The higher price point is justified by its superior performance, but it may not be accessible for all budgets. Nonetheless, for those prioritizing quality and reliability, the Mighty+ is an excellent investment.



Exceptional Performance

The Mighty+ is renowned for its consistent vapor quality and robust construction. It delivers thick, flavorful vapor with every use, making it the perfect vaporizer for those who prioritize performance with features like the Storz & Bickel boost mode and capacity for customization.

Ease of Use

With a digital display and straightforward controls, the Mighty+ is easy to operate. The simple interface makes it accessible to beginners, allowing them to enjoy high-quality vapor without a steep learning curve.

Long Battery Life

Equipped with dual batteries, the Mighty+ offers extended usage time, allowing for multiple sessions throughout the day without needing a recharge. This makes it convenient for users who need a reliable device for all-day vaping.




The larger size of the Mighty+ makes it a less portable device compared to other vaporizers, regardless of the convection heating element. It’s not as easy to carry around, which might be a drawback for those who need a more travel-friendly option, however, Storz & Bickel has a USB C Supercharger that comes with 4 wall outlet variations for the UK, EU, North America, and Oceania.


As one of the more expensive options on the market, the Mighty+ may not be accessible to all budgets. While its performance justifies the cost, the high price point could be a consideration for beginners who are hesitant to make a significant investment upfront.


5. Arizer Air MAX

Price ($)



  • Hybrid Heating
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Affordable

Arizer Air Max with 3 mouthpieces

The Arizer Air MAX strikes a balance between cost and performance with its hybrid heating and replaceable battery. It’s a bit larger and takes longer to heat up, but it’s an affordable option offering flavorful and efficient vapor. The hybrid heating system combines convection and conduction, ensuring efficient use of your herbs.

One potential downside is its size, which is larger than some other portable options, making it slightly less discreet. The warm-up time is also longer, which might be a minor inconvenience for those who prefer quicker sessions. However, its replaceable battery feature is a significant advantage, allowing users to carry extra batteries for extended use, enhancing its overall convenience and value.



Hybrid Heating

The Arizer Air MAX combines convection and conduction heating methods, ensuring efficient and flavorful vapor production. This hybrid system makes the most of your herbs, providing a superior vaping experience.

Replaceable Battery

Featuring a replaceable battery, the Air MAX allows you to swap out batteries easily, ensuring you’re never without power. This is a significant advantage for those who need a reliable vaporizer for extended use without downtime.


Offering a great balance between cost and performance, the Air MAX is priced competitively. It’s an excellent option for beginners who want a high-quality vaporizer without breaking the bank.




The Arizer Air MAX is larger than some other portable vaporizers, making it slightly less discreet and harder to carry around. This might be a consideration for users who prioritize portability and discretion.

Warm-Up Time

It takes a bit longer to heat up compared to other models, which might be inconvenient for those who prefer quicker sessions. The wait time can be a minor drawback for users looking for immediate gratification.


Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

  1. How quickly can I start using my vaporizer?

    Most beginner-friendly dry herb vaporizers are designed with convenience in mind and typically have a heat-up time of 30 to 60 seconds. This quick heat-up time allows you to enjoy your vaping session almost immediately, making it perfect for those new to vaping.

  2. How do I maintain my vaporizer?

    Regular cleaning of your dry herb vaporizer is essential to maintain its performance and longevity. Ideally, clean your device after every few uses, which includes emptying the chamber, using a cleaning brush to remove loose herb particles, and wiping down any residue to prevent buildup.

  3. Why is the cleaning brush important?

    A cleaning brush is a vital tool for maintaining your dry herb vaporizer. It helps remove small particles and residue from the heating chamber and other components. Regular use of the cleaning brush ensures that your vaporizer remains in good working condition and provides the best possible vapor quality.


Device Features

  1. What should I look for in a user-friendly vaporizer?

    Many dry herb vaporizers are designed with simple controls to make them ideal for beginners. These devices often feature straightforward temperature settings and easy-to-read displays, ensuring a hassle-free vaping experience.

  2. Is vaping safer than smoking?

    Dry herb vaporizers are generally considered a healthier alternative to smoking. They heat the herbs to a temperature that releases active compounds without combustion, resulting in fewer harmful byproducts, such as tar and carcinogens, compared to traditional smoking methods.

  3. Can I control my vaporizer with my phone?

    Some advanced dry herb vaporizers come equipped with Bluetooth app connectivity and can be controlled via a smartphone app. These apps often allow you to customize temperature settings, monitor battery life, and track usage statistics, providing a more personalized vaping experience.


Choosing the Right Device

  1. Which type of vaporizer is best for beginners?

    For beginners, portable dry herb vaporizers are often the best choice due to their convenience, ease of use, and affordability. They are compact, discreet, and easy to carry around. Desktop vaporizers, while offering superior vapor quality and more features, can be more complex and are typically suited for more experienced users or those who prefer home use.

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