Portable Powerhouse: A Review of the Focus V AERIS

FocusV-AERIS-MainThe AERIS is the most portable item in Focus V’s lineup, with the same atomizer as the Carta 2.  If you enjoy the Carta 2 but want something smaller and easier to carry, the AERIS is for you!

The removable and changeable battery is a key feature for me. I do not have to wait to charge my AERIS; I just swap the dead battery, pop in a fully charged one, wait for the dead one to charge, and repeat.

I was really happy with the clouds that the vaporizer produced; it was just like using a palm-sized Carta 2, I was expecting the AERIS to hit more like a vape pen and was pleasantly surprised that it hit more like a dab rig. The vapor was smooth, tasty, and did not taste burnt. There are two carb holes on the device so you can adjust your airflow, I leave one hole open and tap the other one for airflow, depending on how discreet I want to be. I use the Focus V Saber to load my wax into the huge chamber- the LED light inside the Saber makes it easier to load my concentrates into the AERIS, especially when I take it out at night.

Cleaning the device was pretty easy; the AERIS comes with a pack of alcohol cotton swabs which I really appreciated as I could just throw them in the included travel bag. I did not have to worry about the device coming apart or breaking while commuting as it is rugged and sturdy. The rubbery, silicone finish makes sure the device does not slip out of your hands, and the device is easy to stand up due to the thick base, unlike most vape pens.

What I like most is that the AERIS did not waste my concentrate, what I put inside actually lasted longer than expected. The large chamber allows for a nice glob of wax to heat up nicely, with space for terp pearls. I did not experience a short circuit while using the AERIS as I have with some other dab pens.

In conclusion, the Focus V AERIS was worth the price for me. I was worried that it would be harsh, but I’m glad that I chose it as my travel device as it was smoother than expected. The only downside I noticed was the AERIS produces better clouds if you inhale slowly, inhaling too quickly can cool down the concentrate resulting in having to reheat. I would recommend the AERIS for any on-the-go dabber.

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