A December boundless cfx review

Welcome to Matt’s second review, again with a Boundless review. He brings a blast from the past, The Boundless CFX – Even older Boundless vaporizers still hold their own today like any other vape but Matt’s here to explain why he’s owned his for over a year. For that and a quick comparison to the Storz and Bickel Mighty, continue below.The Boundless CFX has made it to Best Vaporizers Under $150 list. In addition there is a video on how the device operates on the Product Video Reviews page. 

Ok. So, Funny Story about the Boundless CFX Review…

This review is sort of different because I’ve actually used this device before and in fact, I’ve owned one for about a year now. If you didn’t know, I actually wrote another review on the CFC 2.0. I live in Canada but got mine from Boundless USA. It’s a pretty ideal stealth device for being out and about. I think that’s cool and everything but what about having something that packs an even more heavy punch? Well, Boundless already did it with the CFX. If you’re looking at this device with experience of vaporizers you’ll start to get some nostalgia. Specifically, German company Storz and Bickel’s Crafty and Mighty. While the earlier CF mimics the Crafty, you’ll see that the CFX pulls out all the stops to compete with the Mighty. But we’ll get into all that a little later.

boundless cfx page designFirst Impressions

Starting with some features I noticed when first grabbing it, I love its wall and USB charge options. USB charge can take around three hours but the wall charge feature offers just 40 minutes to a full charge! Providing choices to maintain a charge while on the go, and quickly load up before going out in one device. We’re outdoorsy here in Canada so that counts. Airflow is really respectable and that’s what’s important for the Boundless CFX review. I hated that pinhole airflow you could find back in 2014. The CFX manifests huge rips without an airy, and less-dense consequence. Another win for the Boundless CFX Review!

I’m pretty serious about this Boundless CFX Review, I can’t lie. So I’m going to make a point to be as objective as possible to give you guys the most spot-on points about it. First off, lemme’ just say I love the overall look. You’ve got this sleek rubberized finish with a really cool speedometer screen graphic for your session heat up time. Let’s continue with the OLED screen. I’ve always loved the fact that you’ve got a battery life reader and a session timer. The extra effort to add some color is nice too and helps see through bad weather here in Canada. I think a lot of session info is just as important as being able to mess with settings. That’s something you see a lot of guys forget in their design and I think it’s really cool that Boundless doesn’t. Not only that but this model came out in 2016! That’s more brownie points for the CFX vaporizer for sure.

A CFX Session

Before aesthetics and branding, the actual performance is what matters here in Canada. Obviously, if I’ve been using this thing for a year then there’s something to it. Ridiculously fast heat up time comes in 20 seconds on average. This is nuts! Alternatively, though, it’s really best to wait an extra 10-15 seconds to get the optimal flavor and cloud size. Speaking of flavor, this is pretty balanced throughout. Personally, I believe in potency over palette, so I’m feeling pretty good about this Boundless review. I’m not sure if a hyper-focused flavor expert would want to go for this. The CFX vaporizer is much more of a value vape with high-grade performance. Vibrating notifications come when you turn on the device, making for a great reminder while out. Additionally. I hope to see Boundless review this. Perhaps they can add levels, timers, modes, etc…

Boundless offers dual 18650 batteries for a total of 5 to 7 10-minute sessions ranging from 100F° to 430F°. A pretty well-rounded amount considering the chamber size, which is huge. Awesome brownie points in this Boundless review. I’m not sure just how much you can fit but folks are saying roughly 0.5 grams. You know that’s what we need here in Canada. For my tolerance, that’s great. Micro-dose lovers out there, I’m sorry. It might be a little hard to get those tiny sessions in without some chaotic airflow. Speaking on that, the airflow, by default, is a little small, but that’s actually great for the concentrate cup. Which is also cool! Dabbers can also get something out of the CFX with cotton-based dish Boundless includes.

Simple Boundless Technology Design

Speaking confidently in this part especially, the Boundless CFX vaporizer provides single-digit temperature control. Importantly, Boundless Technologies favors a swivel mouthpiece design much like Storz and Bickel so that, no matter the heat, your vapor draws are cool and smooth. Not only good for vapor, but the mouthpiece is also much more easy to clean than a cramped space a lot of hand-held vapes provide. Cleaning easily is superboundless cfx cool picture important for those of us with large or stubby fingers. Of course, this guy uses the classic 5-click operation. Basically this is a perfectly straightforward win for the Boundless CFX review. Not so obvious with some companies in the vaping game is the Boundless 3-year warranty. You can find more info on that here.

Boundless CFX vs. Storz and Bickel Mighty

Begin the showdown of the review! Storz and Bickel debuted with the amazing Volcano vaporizer way back in the early days of the industry. They’re considered veterans essentially, and with that comes an excellent reputation. Boundless starts out in 2016 with the CF and CFX vaporizer, both instant classics. Boundless continues to innovate today alongside the market here in Canada. Storz and Bickel face harsh competition in the Boundless CFX Review because the Mighty has some years on the CFX vape. Generating Boundless a few steps up in the game. You’ll find the same swivel mouthpiece design on both, however, the Mighty has an a less-secure external attachment system. This can be problematic for the long-term, where Boundless ensures there’s secures firmly inside the chamber. But the Mighty isn’t completely defenseless in the Boundless CFX Review. Let’s break it down a bit more in this chart below.

Warranty Battery Life Temperature Range Heat Time Heating Style Chamber Size Device Dimensions
Boundless CFX 3 Years 1 Hour 100F°-430F° 30 Seconds Hybrid 0.5 Grams H: 12.7 cm

W: 2.5 cm

Storz and Bickel 2 Years 1.5 Hours 105F°-410F° 2 Minutes Convection 0.25 Grams H: 14 cm

W: 8 cm

Coming Soon!

Thanks so much for taking a look at Matt’s take on the Boundless CFX vaporizer this December 2018. We were very pleased with the last review’s response and look forward to more emails from you all! Let us know what you might think of us doing an entire Boundless Review.  For a complete selection of Boundless vaporizers please check out the CityVaporizer Boundless store.