Reviewing The Boundless CFC 2.0 Herbal Vape

This is the Boundless CFC 2.0 review. I’m going into this with high hopes sprouting from the original. To be honest, the Boundless CFC price, I was expecting crap quality. However, CFC’s ceramic chamber lived up to the brand’s reputation. The Boundless CFC only vapes for 45 minutes which is a little mediocre. To combat this 1 hour is given to those who buy Boundless CFC 2.0 vapes. Anyways, after trying the sequel, I’m even more impressed than I was with the Boundless CFC. The CFC 2.0 gives 12-14 sessions and fits roughly a half gram of flower. It also looks totally different from the original. The Boundless CFC 2.0 looks so different I’m not sure it’s truly a CFC. It’s night and day despite being a similar shape with an upgraded spec sheet. I don’t think the name is too important though.

Boundless CFC Vs. Boundless CFC 2.0

Honestly, I think it looks a little inexpensive for those who buy Boundless CFC 2.0 vapes. For some reason, I have a preference for more of a matte or metallic color design. The shine throws me off into thinking it’s like a lightsaber almost, which reminds me of the Solo ii. Nonetheless, Boundless tosses in a 3-year warranty; A huge comfort and frankly pretty generous for a device coming in at around $100. It seems to work pretty similar to the CFC original, but does have improved handling. Additionally, I feel like button placement works better not all crammed into one section of the device. For device maintenance, I use the Higher Standards cleaning kit.

There’s truly an overwhelming amount of features and quality you get in the $100 area. Importantly, you’ll usually see convection heating in a ceramic chamber included in way more pricey units. The combination provides a really good flavor profile for my flower and it can really chuck clouds at 230 C°. Temperature is fully adjustable by single digit increments from 60C°-230C. This is amazing for people who wanna push out huge clouds, and people who care about flavor like me. The Boundless CFC 2.0 blows me away with what I was expecting from a budget vape. Transitioning from regular to water pipe mode is super easy, accommodating my aquatic preference.  Which brings me to a whole other cool part about this CFC update.

Boundless Technology Water Pipe Adapter

Before I even got this for the CFC 2.0 review, I heard about the multi-millimeter fitting Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) on it and was really looking forward to seeing how it works. Herbal vape WPAs aren’t actually that uncommon but you’ll see most on bulky desktop vapes. Those non-portable setups definitively perform but look a little awkward and complex. Of course, another important concern for adapters like these is the drag, which can be huge. Herbal vape drag is the level of control you have of your vapor through airflow. The vaporizer holds like a lighter over your water pipe and is easy enough to operate. There’s not really any drag considering you’ve got a short connection from the device to the water chamber. Hits are pretty smooth and flavorful, but I suppose you should clean your bong first for the best results unlike me.

Boundless CFC 2.0 beside packaging

Who’s It Right For?

Using the device day-to-day has been pretty great too. With this battery life, I can vape like 2 or 3 grams a day pretty easily. I’ve got a little case I keep most of my material and tools in and the Boundless CFC 2.0 fits in pretty nicely. It is a bit bigger than the Boundless CFC, but not by much; I don’t think it’ll be the difference that makes it not worth a good Boundless CFC 2.0 review. Expanding on that, the chamber is easy enough to load and clean and doesn’t really look much different from lots of stuff out there. I’ll say this about these styles of vaporizers though if there was a different way to secure the mouthpiece without having a giant rim that blocks the chamber entrance, that would make things a lot easier; For packing and for maintenance.

I would recommend this for somebody who is a beginner or mid-tier vaper who’s familiar with cannabis. It really does perform well for the price and the warranty means it’s worth the investment. You get all kinds of versatility for parties and I find I can easily do 2 sessions without overheating. Draw restriction is pretty fair also if you care about that. It’s not like a joint with holes in it but it’s fair for the vapor you’re working with. Concluding my CFC 2.0 review, it’s a really neat value vape with a portable design and highly functional WPA. For any questions on vaporizers, feel free to visit our FAQ page. To contact Boundless Technology directly, consult this link.