Source Vapes Orb Series 4 Signature Kit w/ Temperature Control & Hard Case

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Source Vapes presents the Orb Series 4 Vape in black! This vape is packed FULL of features, so you have access to every kind of vaping experience with a single kit! Make use of the 9 included atomizers to get different experiences every time you vape, like with the coilless atomizer, or even the new dual Black Ceramic Rods atomizer for use with runnier oils, or a Source Terra 2 Atomizer perfect for low temp, high flavour hits! Not only does this pen have a truly impressive amount of variety, but function as well as you’re able to adjust settings such as temperature, and airflow! and on top of that this pen comes equipt with a magnetic locking system, so you never have to screw around while loading your pen again! Just load up your pen, let the cap snap back on with magnetic magic, and vape away with your cavalcade of flavours!


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