Airvape Legacy Vs Airvape Legacy Pro

Listed below are the key differences between the Legacy and Legacy Pro by Airvape. If you would like specific information about the differences, there is a detailed description below this info graph. 


Airvape Legacy

Airvape Legacy Pro



Elegant, minimalist

Upgraded, premium materials

The Airvape Legacy features a sleek, elegant design, while the Legacy Pro includes premium materials for an enhanced look and feel.

Heating System


Hybrid (Convection + Conduction)

The Legacy uses a convection heating system for efficient vaporization, whereas the Legacy Pro incorporates a hybrid system for more even heating.

Temperature Control

Precise, digital display

Enhanced precision, larger range

Both models offer precise temperature control, but the Legacy Pro allows for finer adjustments and covers a wider temperature range.

Battery Life

Up to 90 minutes

Up to 120 minutes

The Airvape Legacy has a decent battery life, but the Legacy Pro extends usage time by up to 30 minutes.

Charging Time

90 minutes

75 minutes

The Legacy Pro charges faster, taking only 75 minutes compared to the Legacy’s 90 minutes.


Compact and lightweight

Slightly larger, still portable

While both are portable, the Legacy Pro is slightly larger due to its enhanced features.




The Legacy is priced lower, making it a more budget-friendly option, whereas the Legacy Pro offers additional features at a higher price.


Airvape Legacy Vs Airvape Legacy Pro

The Airvape Legacy and Airvape Legacy Pro are two of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market. Both offer impressive performance and cutting-edge features, but there are some key differences between the two models that consumers should be aware of. In this blog post, we’ll take a detailed look at the specifications, design, and functionality of the Airvape Legacy and Airvape Legacy Pro to help you determine which vaporizer best suits your needs.

The original Airvape Legacy has been a go-to choice for many vaping enthusiasts since its release in 2021. It offers impressive vapor quality, a sleek and pocketable design, and a user-friendly interface. The more recently launched Airvape Legacy Pro builds upon the success of the original model, adding several enhanced features and improvements.

So how do these two Airvape vaporizers stack up against each other? Let’s dive in and compare the key details to help you decide which one is the better fit for your vaping preferences and lifestyle.

Overview of Airvape Vaporizers

Airvape has firmly established itself as a leader in the vaporizer industry, renowned for its commitment to engineering high-performance, user-friendly devices. The brand’s products are consistently praised by both novice and experienced vapers for delivering reliable, satisfying performance coupled with cutting-edge features and elegant, portable designs.

Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, an Airvape vaporizer is a wise investment that will elevate your overall experience. These devices are praised for their exceptional vapor quality, intuitive controls, and durability – attributes that have solidified Airvape’s reputation as a premier name in the market.

Purpose of the Comparison

In the dynamic world of vaporizers, the decision of which model to purchase can be overwhelming, especially when comparing two high-caliber devices from the same trusted brand. That’s where this detailed comparison of the Airvape Legacy and Airvape Legacy Pro comes into play.

By examining the key similarities and differences between these two top-tier vaporizers, we’ll empower you to make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your unique vaping preferences and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your current device, this analysis will ensure you invest in the Airvape vaporizer that will deliver the most satisfying and tailored experience.

Product Background

History of Airvape LegacyAirVape Legacy

Since its introduction in 2020, the Airvape Legacy has solidified its status as a premier portable vaporizer, captivating the market with its unparalleled blend of cutting-edge performance and elegant, ergonomic design. Engineered by Airvape’s renowned team of innovators, the Legacy was a groundbreaking achievement, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in a handheld vaporizer.

At the heart of the Legacy’s superior vapor quality lies its advanced convection heating system, which efficiently and evenly heats botanical materials to unlock their full flavor profiles. Complementing this industry-leading heating technology is the Legacy’s precise temperature control, allowing users to fine-tune their experience to their exact preferences. Encased in a sleek, durable aluminum shell, the Airvape Legacy quickly emerged as the go-to choice for discerning vapers seeking uncompromising quality and reliability.

History of Airvape Legacy Pro

Building upon the celebrated success of the original Airvape Legacy, the brand’s engineering team set out to create an even more advanced and versatile portable vaporizer – the Airvape Legacy Pro. Introduced in 2022, the Legacy Pro serves as the next evolution in Airvape’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

The Legacy Pro retains the iconic design and ergonomics that made the original model a fan favorite, while further enhancing the vaping experience through a cutting-edge hybrid heating system. This seamless integration of conduction and convection heating allows for quicker heat-up times, improved temperature distribution, and an expanded temperature range – allowing users to explore a broader spectrum of flavor profiles.

With its array of thoughtfully engineered upgrades, the Airvape Legacy Pro solidifies the brand’s position as an industry leader, continuously raising the bar for portable vaporizer performance and functionality.

Design and Build Quality

Design Aesthetics

From the moment you lay eyes on the Airvape Legacy, it’s clear this is a vaporizer engineered with style and sophistication in mind. The device’s sleek, cylindrical body is adorned with a smooth, matte finish, creating a seamless, modern aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. Eschewing flashy embellishments or gaudy branding, the Legacy’s minimalist design allows its exceptional performance to take center stage, positioning it as a true work of art in the world of portable vaporizers.

While the Airvape Legacy Pro maintains a similar visual appeal to its predecessor, the design team has refined and elevated the device’s appearance, delivering a slightly updated look that is sure to captivate users. With its clean lines, elegant curves, and premium finishes, the Legacy Pro exudes an air of sophistication that complements its cutting-edge technological capabilities. Whether you’re drawn to the understated elegance of the original Legacy or the refined, modern aesthetic of the Pro model, Airvape has crafted vaporizers that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functionally superior.

Materials and Durability

The Airvape Legacy is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, with a construction that is as robust as it is visually appealing. Featuring a metal body and a heat-resistant glass mouthpiece, the Legacy is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring your investment will stand the test of time. This unwavering durability is further complemented by the device’s premium, tactile feel, which instills a sense of confidence and reliability with every use.

Carrying forward Airvape’s reputation for engineering excellence, the Legacy Pro upholds the same high standards of materials and build quality as its predecessor. Crafted from similarly durable and heat-resistant components, the Legacy Pro is a vaporizer that will consistently deliver exceptional performance, even after extended periods of frequent use. Vapers can rest assured that their Airvape Legacy Pro will remain a steadfast companion, withstanding the demands of their dynamic lifestyles without compromise.

Heating Systems

Overview of Heating Technologies

At the heart of any exceptional vaporizer lies its heating system, which plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality and consistency of the vapor produced. Two primary heating methods are employed in the vaporizer industry: convection and conduction.

Convection heating utilizes hot air to efficiently and evenly vaporize the botanical material, ensuring a smooth, flavorful experience with each draw. This method of heating is widely regarded as the superior approach, as it avoids the creation of hot spots that can lead to uneven vaporization and the potential for an unpleasant, harsh vapor.

In contrast, conduction heating directly heats the material through contact with a hot surface. While this can result in quicker initial heating, it often leads to inconsistent temperatures and the possibility of burning or scorching the contents, compromising both flavor and overall satisfaction.

Airvape Legacy Heating System

Demonstrating its commitment to engineering excellence, the Airvape Legacy is equipped with an advanced convection heating system that sets it apart from the competition. By harnessing the power of hot air circulation, the Legacy provides users with consistently even and efficient vaporization, unlocking the full flavor profiles of their preferred materials.

The convection heating technology employed in the Airvape Legacy ensures a smooth, satisfying vaping experience with every use. This innovative approach to heating not only delivers exceptional vapor quality but also promotes even temperature distribution, eliminating the risk of hot spots that can lead to an unpleasant, harsh draw.

Airvape Legacy Pro Heating SystemAirvape-Legacy-Pro-Chamber

Building upon the celebrated success of the original Airvape Legacy, the engineering team at Airvape has introduced an even more advanced heating system in the Legacy Pro. Combining the best attributes of both convection and conduction heating, the Legacy Pro’s hybrid design delivers the ultimate in performance and precision.

By seamlessly integrating these two complementary technologies, the Airvape Legacy Pro is able to achieve quicker heat-up times and improved temperature control, while still maintaining the consistent, flavorful vapor production that is the hallmark of convection heating. This hybrid approach allows users to explore a broader spectrum of temperature settings, catering to a wide range of personal preferences and botanical material types.

Temperature Control

Temperature Precision in Airvape Legacy

Precision is the hallmark of the Airvape Legacy’s temperature control system, offering users a meticulously tuned range of 300°F to 428°F (149°C to 220°C). This expansive temperature spectrum allows vapers to explore the full potential of their preferred botanical materials, from the delicate nuances of lower heat settings to the robust, flavorful productions of higher temperatures.

What sets the Airvape Legacy apart is its ability to adjust the temperature in precise 1-degree increments, allowing users to fine-tune their experience to their exact preferences. Through the device’s intuitive user interface and responsive control mechanisms, managing the temperature has never been easier, ensuring you can consistently achieve your ideal vaping conditions with the utmost accuracy.

Temperature Precision in Airvape Legacy Pro

Raising the bar for temperature control, the Airvape Legacy Pro takes precision to new heights, boasting an even more expansive temperature range of 200°F to 430°F (93°C to 221°C). This remarkable breadth of temperature settings caters to the diverse needs and preferences of vapers, whether they’re seeking the delicate, nuanced flavors of lower heat or the robust, impactful productions of higher temperatures.

Elevating the temperature control even further, the Airvape Legacy Pro incorporates precise 0.5-degree incremental adjustments, allowing users to dial in their preferred settings with unparalleled accuracy. Complementing this level of customization is the Legacy Pro’s enhanced user interface and control mechanisms, which provide an intuitive and responsive experience, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the temperature spectrum and discover their optimal vaping conditions.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Specifications

At the core of the Airvape Legacy’s exceptional performance is a meticulously engineered 2500mAh battery, providing users with up to 90 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. This robust power source ensures that vapers can enjoy extended sessions without the worry of their device running out of juice, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the flavorful, satisfying vapor.

For those seeking even greater longevity, the Airvape Legacy Pro takes battery life to the next level with its impressive 3000mAh power cell. This larger capacity battery delivers up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted use, allowing users to explore the full depth of their favorite botanical materials without the need for frequent recharging. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing solo session or sharing the experience with friends, the Airvape Legacy Pro’s exemplary battery life will keep you vaping with confidence.

Charging Time and Methods

Convenience is at the forefront of the Airvape Legacy’s design, and this extends to its charging capabilities. Equipped with a USB-C port, the Legacy can be quickly and easily recharged, with a full battery charge taking approximately 2.5 hours. This user-friendly charging method ensures that vapers can swiftly restore their device’s power, minimizing downtime and allowing them to return to their rituals with minimal disruption.

Building upon the success of the Airvape Legacy, the Legacy Pro further refines the charging experience with an even faster recharge time. Utilizing the same USB-C charging technology, the Legacy Pro can achieve a full charge in around 2 hours, providing users with the ability to get back to vaping in record time. This enhanced charging speed, combined with the device’s impressive battery capacity, solidifies the Airvape Legacy Pro as a powerhouse among vaporizers, catering to the needs of even the most demanding users.

Portability and Convenience

Size and Weight Comparison

Designed with the on-the-go vaper in mind, the Airvape Legacy boasts a remarkably compact and portable form factor that effortlessly fits in the palm of your hand. Measuring a mere 4.53 inches (115mm) in length and weighing just 4.94 ounces (140g), this vaporizer is the epitome of discreet and convenient carry. Whether you’re tucking it into a pocket, slipping it into a bag, or taking it with you on your outdoor adventures, the lightweight and streamlined Airvape Legacy ensures you can enjoy your vaping ritual wherever life takes you.

For those seeking a slightly more substantial yet still highly portable option, the Airvape Legacy Pro strikes the perfect balance. Measuring 4.92 inches (125mm) in length and weighing 5.29 ounces (150g), the Legacy Pro maintains excellent portability while offering users a more substantial, premium-feeling device. This slight increase in size and weight translates to enhanced durability and a more commanding presence, making the Legacy Pro an ideal choice for those who demand a high-quality vaporizer that can keep up with their active lifestyles.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Consistent with Airvape’s commitment to user-centric design, the Legacy vaporizer is renowned for its exceptional ease of use and effortless maintenance. Its straightforward interface and intuitive controls allow even novice users to quickly master the device, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience from the very first session. Moreover, the Legacy’s thoughtful engineering extends to its cleaning and upkeep, with minimal parts and a hassle-free disassembly process that simplifies the task of maintaining peak performance.

Building upon the success of the Airvape Legacy, the Legacy Pro retains the same user-friendly approach while introducing enhanced features and customization options for more experienced vapers. This balance of simplicity and sophistication makes the Legacy Pro an attractive choice for a wide range of users, from those seeking a plug-and-play vaporizer to seasoned enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to fine-tune their experience. Regardless of your skill level, the Airvape Legacy and Legacy Pro deliver unparalleled convenience and ease of use, ensuring you can focus on savoring the pure, flavorful vapor that is the hallmark of these exceptional devices.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Vapor Quality of Airvape Legacy

At the heart of the Airvape Legacy’s exceptional performance lies its cutting-edge convection heating system, which masterfully transforms your botanical materials into rich, flavorful vapor. This precision heating technology ensures that every draw is consistent and satisfying, delivering a smooth, dense, and pure vaping experience that delights the senses. Users consistently report being captivated by the Legacy’s ability to preserve the authentic flavor profiles of their chosen materials, thanks to its carefully calibrated temperature control and efficient heat distribution.

Airvape has meticulously engineered the Legacy to provide an unparalleled vaping experience, and this commitment to excellence is evident in the device’s exceptional vapor quality. Whether you’re savoring a delicate, nuanced strain or indulging in a bold, aromatic blend, the Legacy effortlessly coaxes out the best in your materials, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pleasures of your ritual.

Vapor Quality of Airvape Legacy Pro

Building upon the renowned performance of the Airvape Legacy, the Legacy Pro takes vapor quality to new heights with its innovative hybrid heating system. By seamlessly blending convection and conduction heating, the Legacy Pro delivers unrivaled control over the vaporization process, resulting in a truly exceptional vaping experience. Users consistently rave about the Legacy Pro’s ability to produce dense, flavorful vapor that captures the true essence of their chosen materials, thanks to its expansive temperature range and precise adjustment capabilities.

The Legacy Pro’s advanced heating system not only enhances the overall vapor quality but also allows users to fine-tune their experience to their personal preferences. Whether you prefer a more potent, voluminous draw or a subtler, more nuanced flavor profile, the Legacy Pro’s intuitive controls and customization options empower you to craft the perfect vaping session, time and time again. Truly, the Airvape Legacy Pro represents the pinnacle of vaporizer performance, delivering an unparalleled sensory experience that will captivate even the most discerning of enthusiasts.

Pricing and Value

Cost Analysis

The Airvape Legacy, with its exceptional performance and thoughtful design, is priced at a highly competitive MSRP of $249.99. This cost-effective offering from Airvape ensures that users can enjoy a premium vaping experience without breaking the bank, making it an attractive choice for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

For those seeking the ultimate in vaporizer technology, the Airvape Legacy Pro carries a slightly higher MSRP of $269.99. While this price point may initially appear more substantial, the Legacy Pro’s enhanced features and improvements over the already impressive Legacy model justify the investment for users who demand the very best in vapor quality, customization, and overall vaping excellence.

Value for Money

The Airvape Legacy’s impressive performance, user-friendly interface, and robust build quality make it an exceptional value proposition in the vaporizer market. This device seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with an affordable price point, empowering users to enjoy a premium vaping experience without stretching their budget. For those seeking a reliable, high-quality device that delivers consistent, flavorful vapor, the Airvape Legacy is a clear standout in its class.

For the discerning vaper seeking the absolute pinnacle of performance, the Airvape Legacy Pro represents a compelling value proposition. Its advanced hybrid heating system, expanded temperature range, and refined design elements elevate the vaping experience to new heights, catering to the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts. While the higher price tag may initially give some users pause, the Legacy Pro’s uncompromising quality, exceptional vapor production, and unparalleled customization options make it a worthwhile investment for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

So Which Legacy Is Right For You?

The Airvape Legacy and Legacy Pro share many common strengths, such as sleek designs, durable construction, and reliable performance. The key differences lie in the heating systems, temperature control, battery life, and overall feature set, with the Legacy Pro offering more advanced capabilities.

For users seeking a high-quality, affordable vaporizer with excellent vapor production, the Airvape Legacy is an excellent choice. The Legacy Pro, on the other hand, is the better option for those who want the best possible vaping experience, with enhanced features and customization options.

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