Storz and Bickel has been a pillar in the vaporizing community for many years. They produce the highest quality vaporizers in the world. All of Storz and Bickel products are manufactured in Germany to ensure the highest quality. Storz & Bickel offer multiple handheld vaporizers as well as a desktop vaporizer. The vaporizers that they produce are the Mighty (aka The Mighty Vape), Crafty, Plenty and Volcano. These devices allow each user to have a Vaporizer that fulfills their needs. Whether they are looking for something that’s portable or a device that allows big rips Storz and Bickel has you covered.

We are an fully authorized retailer and distributor of Storz and Bickel.  We are listed on their official company website click here.

We ship Storz and Bickel Vaporizers across Canada and the USA. City Vaporizer is proud to be an authorized retailer and distributor for Storz & Bickel.

For any support or warranty issues pleas contact Storz and Bickel directly by submitting a support request by clicking here.

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